Thousands of people move into new homes every single day! I’m sure you or someone you know is moving into a new house right now.

We all know that new home buyers often have a housewarming party to celebrate their new home and receive gifts from friends and family for their new home.

There are so many different things out there, it can be daunting finding the best housewarming gifts but we put together this amazing list of the best housewarming gift ideas so you can rest easy…

custom steak brander gift ideaCustom Iron Brander

If you are looking for a really thoughtful personalized housewarming gift for friends or family, this custom personalized brander is a nice gift. It can brand anything from steaks to wood and this item includes two initials, a heart and a year.


10pc cookware set housewarming gift ideaHousewarming Cookware Set by Tuxton

What is a home without way too much cookware? This cookware set by Tuxton is the perfect gift idea for a housewarming party. It comes with 10 pieces of cookware so you will always have a pan to use. It contains a saucepan, two fry pans, stockpot and a covered casserole pot. These dishes are PTFE & PFOA free and stainless steal for longevity. Another great housewarming gift idea.


whatever silicone lids gift ideaLockhart Whatever Lids

If you have a home, then you know that you always have a ton of Tupperware but no lids. These Whatever Lids by Lockhart fit almost any round Tupperware, bowl, pot and more. They are FDA approved, BPA Free and eco-friendly. This set of 5 lids comes in all different sizes so your housewarming giftees will never have to find a lid again.


fondue platesFondue Plates Set – 4 Pack

Everyone gets a fondue set for housewarming gifts. So these Fondue Plates by Trudeau are a great housewarming gift that not many other people will probably gift. It comes with 4 plates with mulitple sizes sections and 2 fondue for notches. They are the perfect housewarming gift for that couple that loves to have parties.


rainbowl toilet nightlight gift ideaMotion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Finding the perfect housewarming gift can sometimes be quite daunting but you can look no further now. The RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light is the perfectly unique and fun housewarming gift that your friends and family will love for generations. Stop blinding yourself with bright lights and go to the bathroom in style with this innovative night light.


12″ Personalized Door Hanger

This beautiful personalized door hanger is great for the front door, walls, indoor or even outdoor! It can be customized with a letter and name so its perfect for a thoughtful housewarming gift for friends and family. Its lightweight yet durable and is custom made in America. Sizes range from 12″, 18″, 22″, and 30″ signs.


shot roullette game housewarming gift ideaRoulette Drinking Game

Looking for a housewarming gift for the drinkers in your life? This hilarious shot roulette drinking game by the Brewski Brothers is a unique and original housewarming gift that will keep guest entertained for hours.. or until you black out. It features 16 shot glasses, two roulette balls and a roulette wheel. Make sure to play with more than 4 people or you will be really drunk.


adulthood for beginners book housewarmingAdulthood for Beginners Book

Now that your friends are moving into a house, its time to become an adult and start adulting more. With this book, Adulthood for Beginners, your housewarming giftee will finally learn how to live an adult live, with a home.


scotch globe decanter gift ideaWorld Globe Decanter

If the person you are looking for a housewarming gift for loves scotch or liquor, they they will love this World Globe Decanter that features a cool antique glass ship inside. Put your favorite liquor, scotch or bourbon in this air-rating decanter and preserve the freshness of your favorite liquors. This is the perfect gift idea for the liquor lovers housewarming gift.


flameless led candles gift ideaFlame-less LED Candles with Remote

How bad would you feel if you got your friends candles for a housewarming gift and then they burnt their house down? You won’t have to worry about that with these Flameless LED Candles that feature flickering candlelight or permanent candlelight. They can go for about 50,000 hours and have a 4-8 hour timer for power saving. They candles are a great housewarming gift idea.


amazon welcome home gift card ideaAmazon Housewarming Gift Card

Its 2017… and people are picky! Its totally ok to get your friends or family a Amazon Gift card as a housewarming gift. That way, they can pick out anything they want and is nice if they already have everything. This $100 gift card will allow your housewarming giftees to get whatever they need for their home.


amazon echo gift idea housewarmingAmazon Echo

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 2 years, then you have heard of the Amazon Echo. It plays music, answers questions, reads the news and a whole lot more. The Amazon Echo is the perfect gift idea for a housewarming gift. Although its not cheap, its a super cool gift to give someone who just moved into a new home.


microwave cleaner volcano giftEruption Disruption Microwave Cleaner

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! How awesome is this volcano shaped erupting volcano microwave cleaner? This awesome housewarming gift is a volcano that you put in your microwave and it cleans it in 5-8 minutes. If you are looking for a super unique housewarming gift, then check out the Volcano Microwave Cleaner.


personalized wall holderPersonalized Wall Key Holder

People love customized/personal housewarming gifts. This personalized wall key holder comes in 6 different colors and measures 11″ wide by 5″ tall with 4 chrome plated hooks. these wall hey holders are hand made in America so you know they will be very good quality products.


his and hers bath robes gift ideasEgyptian Cotton His/Hers Bath Robes

If you want to best housewarming gift ideas, look no further. Who wouldn’t love these his and hers Egyptian Cotton Bath Robes? They are made in Turkey and each robe is about 53 inches long with two pockets and extremely soft cotton. Give this housewarming gift to your friends or family and give the perfect gift.


hangeroo housewarming gift ieaHangeroo Picture Hanging Guide

This simple tool helps you easily and quickly hang wired pictures and mirrors easier than ever. Fits most 10-50lb picture hooks and wired picture frames. This kit comes with 6 different guides so whatever your housewarming giftees need to hang, they can do it easily with Hangeroo.


collapsible colander gift idea housewarming giftCollapsible Over the Sink Colander

If you haven’t used one of these colanders before, you are missing out. These Collapsible colanders are the new age of draining. Perfect for rinsing, draining and fits most sink sizes. Never spill again when you’re trying to drain.


home stones door mat gift ideaHome Heart Stone Door Mat

Its true what they say… Home is where the heart is. And also a really great housewarming gift idea. This stone lined door mat is made from heavy duty recycle rubber and its stain resistant. Give the perfect housewarming gift and buy this welcoming door mat for your friends or families housewarming.


novelty wine tool set gift ideaNovelty Wine Tool Set Bottle

This cute little novelty gift is a great idea for a housewarming gift. It comes with a handful of wine tools like openers, stops aerators and more. Any wine lover will love this housewarming gift.



lemon shape USB charger housewarming giftLemon Shaped USB Charger

What a cool gift for the kitchen! Stop the plug wire madness and charge all your items in one, cool, lemon shaped USB Charger. It features 4 USB interfaces with built-in copper wire for fast and safe charging. This housewarming gift is affordable, innovative and fun.


cuisinart coffee grinder gift homewarmingSupreme Grind Burr Mill

What house is complete without a Burr Mill? This bad boy can grind and hold up to 32 cups of coffee and an 18-position grind selector. Built by Cuisinart, the DMB-8 is the Cadillac of Burr Mill Coffee grinders and the perfect gift for a housewarming.


bath bomb gift set gift ideaBath Bomb Gift Set

This housewarming gift is great for women or bath-friendly couples who want to have relaxing bathes. The Bath Bomb Gift Set comes with 6 vegan (and all natural) essential oil lush fizzies. Drop one of these in your bath and you will be in a for a reat treat. There is also a sinus/allergy gift set that would be a great addition to your housewarming gift.


personalized wood cutting board gift ideaPersonalized Cutting Board

Give the gift of a lifetime and a great housewarming present. This walnut or maple wood cutting board can be personalized to have your housewarming giftees name engraved into the board itself. A thoughtful gift like this will be remembered for a lifetime.


booze cakes book gift ideaBooze Cakes Book

Are you looking for a housewarming gift for some booze fans? Do they happen to like cake too? Then the Booze Cakes book is perfect gift idea for them. The book is all about baking confections spiked with spirits, wine and beer. Each recipe takes you step by step and how to make delicious confections that will give you a buzz.


spiralizer housewarming gift ideaSpiralizer Spiral Slicer

The Art Veggie Spiralizer can spiralize almost any vegetable or pasta. Its great for leading a healthy lifestyle and make gourmet meals that are both delicious and good for you. Everyone needs this in their home which makes it a nice housewarming gift.


bluebooth wireless clock radioBluetooth Wireless Clock Radio

The days of waking up to beep, beep, beep, beep… are over! Wake up to your favorite music every morning! The Dikaou Bluetooth portable wireless speaker/alarm clock has a ton of awesome functions including a LED mirror design that functions as a mirror. What a cool housewarming gift!


Rebus Riot Housewarming Party Game

What better gift to give at a housewarming party then a housewarming party game? Rebus Riot is the ultimate housewarming party where you have to figure out the meaning to puzzles about home purchase, real estate, moving and more. This game will warm your housewarming party right up!


cheese board set gift ideaCheese Board Set Gift

This huge cheese cutting board is a really nice housewarming gift idea for the wine and cheese lover. It features a 13″ x 11″ wood cheese board, a set of forks/knives, and a bonus porcelain dish. Give the gift of cheese and wine with the Norvica Cheese Board.


sea urchin air plant giftSea Urchin Air Plants

Here is another fun housewarming gift for the ocean fanatic. These Sea Urchin Air Plants come with an assortment of 4 tillandsia plants, 4 assorted sea urchin shells and a kraft gift box, that is perfect for the housewarming party.


moscow mule copper mug gift ideaMoscow Mule Housewarming Gift Set

Moscow Mules are the USA’s new favorite drink. Its refreshing, clean and is super cool to drink out of a copper mug. This gift set comes with 4 copper mugs, perfect for the best Moscow Mules in town. They even have a lifetime replacement guarantee so they will last forever.


3 tier fruit basket gift idea housewarming3 Tier Hammock Fruit Basket

Artfully display your freshest fruits on the super modern 3 level fruit holder. It makes the perfect housewarming gift for the kitchen. Let your fruits breath and stay fresher longer with this durable fruit hammock.


instant ice chiller gift ideaInstant Iceless Rapid Beer/Soda Chiller

These are really cool little gadgets that super cool your soda or beer in seconds. This set contains 2 FDA approved chillers that cool your drinks from the inside. They are the perfect unique and cool housewarming gift for your next occasion.


kitchen tool set gift idea housewarmingKitchen Gadget Tool Set

All the tools anyone will ever need to work, bake or cook in the kitchen. This set comes with 8 different kitchen utensils that make this a superb housewarming gift idea. Your friends or family will never have to go to bed bath and beyond again for any kitchen utensil.


cocktail bar set gift ideaCocktail Bar Set Housewarming Gift

Grab this cool cocktail bar set and give the neatest housewarming gift for the liquor fan. It comes with 7 pieces including a martini shaker, stand, jiggers, and more. It all rests on a high quality wooden stand that makes for a great kitchen or bar accessories.


wireless doorbell giftSadoTech Wireless Doorbell

This stylish and modern wireless doorbell has over 50 different ring tons and can operate up to 500 feet away! It easily plugs right into your electronic outlet and its ready to go. That is why this wireless doorbell can be a great housewarming present for the family or friend that doesn’t have a doorbell at their new house.


magic wand remote control gift ideaMagic Wand Remote Control

A great housewarming gift for the wizard or harry potter fan. This Magic wand Remote Control can learn 13 infrared remote control codes and reply them at your command with your gestures. Works with most electronics like TV, DVD players, Stereos, etc. Really fun housewarming gift idea for the wizard home.


housewarming gift basektHousewarming Gift Basket

A gift basket is a really nice and affordable housewarming gift idea. This metropolitan style gourmet gift basket features chocolates, popcorn, cookies and more. Your housewarming guests will be eating on this delicious gift basket for weeks after they move into their new home.


wine stoppers gift idea for housewarmingNovelty Wine Stoppers

These hilarous wine stoppers say funny things on them and actually make pretty decent wine stoppers. They make for the perfect novelty housewarming gift because they are affordable, small and really funny!