Birthdays happen every year. After the age of 21, they can come and go with little fan fair. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any major milestones after 21. Birthdays such as 30, 40, and especially 50 warrant celebration. Finding the perfect gift in 2017 for the man turning 50 doesn’t have to leave you pulling your hair out or banging your head on the wall. This list of the top 30 Men’s 50th Birthday Gift ideas contains something for even the most discerning man.

Book of Everyone

the book of everyone gift idea

This book is especially tailored for 50th birthdays. It is personalized with the man’s name. It is built with events that happened the year he was born. Each book is packed with wacky trivia, facts, historical stories, and beautiful artwork. This is a great choice for men who love reading, books, history, genealogy, or who would just like a beautiful keepsake.


Personalized Wine Bottle

personlized wine bottle gift idea

Wine bottles do more than contain a great drink. Wine bottles also are collectible. If the man in your life enjoys wine or collecting things then this is a great gift. You can have a birthday toast together then he will have a great collectible bottle.


Personalized 6 Pack of Beer

We couldn’t list a personalized wine bottle and ignore our beer drinkers. If your man loves beer then he will enjoy this 50th birthday gift idea. Each bottle is personalized with his name and comes in a personalized six pack carrier. Discounts are also offered for medium to large purchases. You can purchase enough for everyone at your man’s 50th birthday party to enjoy a drink.


Desktop Wood Slingshot

desktop slingshot gift idea

This 50th birthday gift idea is geared towards men looking for a little whimsy. It brings them back to their childhood. They are reminded of playing outside with their friends. It does more than just remind them of childhood. It makes a great conversation starter for their desk and a great way to pass their free time. Every time they pull it back they will think of you.


Personal History Canvas

A Man’s 50th birthday is a great milestone. Items that provide a historical look back are extremely popular. But, you don’t want to just pick up their birthday gift at a gas station or simple novelty shop. You want a gift that they will treasure for years. This personal history canvas lists historical events from the year your man was born. It’s high quality makes it suitable for hanging on the wall at home or in their office.


Stainless Steel Double Cigar Flask

cigar flast gift ideas 50th

If your man loves cigars then this is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea. One issue with cigars is taking them with you. They need to be stored in the right humidity. They also need protection. There is nothing more frustrating then reaching for a cigar and finding it broken. This stainless steel flask protects the cigars, stores them in a controlled environment, and looks great doing it. The finishing touch is his initials monogrammed on the top.


Birth Year Coin Sets

Coins have made great collectibles for decades. But, they don’t have to be kept in paper packaging. A boxed coin set looks great, makes a great collectible, and has the added benefit of increasing in value. What would make a better men’s 50th birthday gift then a boxed coin set from their birth year?


50th Birthday Survival Kit

This is a great gift idea for your man’s 50th birthday. Gag gifts are extremely popular for anyone turning 50 in 2017. But, it does require some assembly. The sign below makes a great gift by itself. Or, you can add a personal touch and put the items together in a nice box.


The Senior Moments Memory Workout

gift ideas senior moments book

Men turning 50 are not the only ones that experience “Senior Moments”. But, it is a great time to give them a book that wards these moments off. When paired with a 50th birthday, this gift will raise a chuckle. It also has mental workouts that help to keep the mind shape. This makes a gift that is perfect for this life milestone and useful for years to come.


Bonsai Tree

bonsai tree gift idea

This birthday is a huge milestone for your man. It is a time to give a gift that will last for years to come. This bonsai tree is will do just that. He also will enjoy crafting the bonsai as it grows. Bonsai trees can be pruned in many different ways. This makes each one unique.


UDI U818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

quadcopter drone gift idea

Drones are fun for adults of any age group. This drone is top of the line. It has a function that allows it to find its way back home. He will enjoy reviewing the photographs taken with the HD camera. Pictures are taken throughout the drone’s flight. This drone doesn’t require the user to adjust position before the drone takes off. He will not even be required to register this drone with the FAA.


Executive Putter Set

putter set gift idea

If your man loves golf then this is the perfect gift for him. This golf putter set provides hours of enjoyment. He can practice in his office or his man cave. It comes with a putter, golf ball, and golf ball return. Everything is stored in a beautiful wooden storage kit.


50 Things to Do When You Turn 50: 50 Experts on the Subject of Turning 50

This book provides ideas for things your man can do after turning 50. Some ideas are quite practical, such as play golf in Scotland. Others are whimsical, such as wear comfortable clothing. This book is loaded with advice that will educate and entertain. Contributing writers come from a variety of fields. They range from astrologers to poets and real estate experts.


Bateaux London Lunch Cruise for Two

london cruise gift idea

Turning 50 in 2017 doesn’t mean that romance is over. This cruise is a great way to provide an adventure for you and the man in your life. This luxury cruise will interject romance back into your relationship. This gift is appropriate for your husband, boyfriend, even for your father. Your mother will appreciate the time away.


Personalized Oak Cigar Box

Few things come close to enjoying a great cigar after a hard day. This moment is not possible without a great cigar box. A proper cigar box preserves the quality, texture, and taste of the cigars in it. This oak box does more than just store your cigars. Its high quality provides a beautiful display item and allows it to provide years of enjoyment. If your man loves cigars then this is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea.


T900 Speaker

t900 speaker

Let’s face it, men of all ages love their toys. This holds true for men turning 50. Electronic gadgets appeal to men of all ages. This speaker provides high quality output. The LED lights change with the music. The battery provides 4 hours of music listening between charges. This is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for men turning 50 that love electronics.


Engraved Chrome Lighter

chrome engraved lighter gift idea

Some think lighters are only for smokers. But, they come in handy in many situations such as camping, when around the grill, and many other situations. This personalized lighter creates a special gift that shows you put some thought into it. You can engrave it with his initials or your own personalized message. He will be reminded of your message every time he uses the lighter.


Charging Station and Desk Organizer

charging station and desk gift idea

Cell phones and organization are a part of men’s life in 2017. This gift idea helps them with both of these. This desk organizer helps him to keep his desk nicely organized. It also allows him to charge his electronic items. The three shelves provide room to store mail or other items. It is personalized with his name.


Golf Ball Shaped Cuff Links

golf cufflinks gift idea

If the man in your life enjoys dressing up then these cuff links are a great 50th birthday gift idea. They are stylish and illustrate their love of golf. They add a touch of class to any outfit. They make a great match for work with a suit or for a formal party at night.


Retro Candy Gift Basket

retro 50s candy gift idea

Help the man in your life to feel like a kid again. We all love candy. This gift basket is made of candy. But, not just any candy. The candy is a mixture of popular hits from 50 years ago. It features a sign that states, “Life begins at 50”.


Book: You Know Your Fifty When….

This book provides hours of reading and laughter. This book answers the question about how to know your 50. These sayings will keep you laughing because each one contains a kernel of truth. For example, you know your 50 when your arms aren’t long enough for reading anymore.


Book: Age Doesn’t Matter Unless Your Cheese

This book continues the humor theme. But, this gift won’t remind anyone that they are old. It does the opposite. It gives reasons why age only matters for cheese. It is just a number for the rest of us.



Just like our muscles, our minds need a workout too. This gift will help keep anyone’s mind engaged. Cube is reminiscent of a Rubix cube. But, it is much more than that. It uses an easy to turn design. It also features technology to stop pieces from popping off. This puzzle can be solved in as little as 12 moves.


50th Birthday Flask

funny 50th flask gift

This flask is both functional and humorous. It features the saying, “Celebrating the 29th anniversary of my 21st birthday.” It is made from stainless steel. This makes a great and stylish way for him to hold 6 ounces of his favorite beverage.


Henley 4 Person Picnic Basket With Chiller Bag

This gift is perfect for any man who loves the outdoors. It works well for camping or just a day out in the park. It features plates and utensils for 4 people. The chiller bag will keep your cold food cold and your hot food hot.


50th Birthday Wish Jar

wish jar gift idea

Birthday are always connected to making a wish. This is usually restricted to blowing out the candles. But, this 50th birthday gift idea takes it to the next level. This jar comes complete with tickets for writing wishes on. The birthday boy can write out his wishes then put them in the jar. This makes a fun gift and one that he can look back on later.


50th Birthday Game

Birthdays are a great time for playing party games. This gift not only provides a great party game, but also a great game for family game night. Men will love playing this game at their party.


Personalized Pocket Watch

personalized pocket watch gift ideas

50th birthday gift ideas are not just for gags. We also have highlighted several extremely stylish gifts. This pocket watch adds to that list. This retro pocket watch is the perfect gift for any man. It’s retro style adds class to any outfit. It is personalized with his initials and date of birth.


9 Piece Wine Gift Set

Gift sets can be a great choice for any birthday gift in 2017. They work especially well for a 50th gift. This set will put a smile on any wine lovers face. It includes an aerating wine pourer, wine bottle stoppers, cork screw, foil cutter, thermometer, dip ring, and several other accessories. They are stored in a beautiful wood padded box.


Personalized Travelers Compass

travleres compass gift idea

His 50th birthday is a great time to give a keepsake that harkens to times past. This brass compass does just that. It is not your everyday boy scout compass. It is hand crafted from high quality brass and beautifully engraved. It comes housed in a beautiful wooden box. The box is personalized with his initials on the top.


The man in your life’s 50th birthday is a milestone. You don’t want to give any ordinary gift in 2017. This is your chance to give them something that they will remember for years to come. This list provides something for every man, from the ones that love dressing up to those that love humor. We are sure that one of the top 30 50th birthday gift ideas for men will provide the perfect gift.