Most of us end up shopping on online retail sites like because we want to find better deals than we can find in local stores. However, not everything on Amazon is sold for discount prices. You can find extremely expensive items listed in almost any Amazon department. While it is doubtful that some of these sellers seriously intend to sell their items at these prices, it is entertaining and informative to see what some of these expensive listings are offering. Below are 25 of the most expensive products listed on Amazon.

The Fortinet FortiGate-3960E Four-Year Unified Threat Management (UTM) Bundle

fortinet amazon gift

Cybersecurity is important to us all, especially large companies that bear the responsibility of keeping the personal data of millions of clients safe. Maybe that’s why web security systems such as the Fortinet FortiGate-3960E Four-Year UTM Bundle don’t come cheap. You can pay almost $550,000 for four years of its cybersecurity software, including web filtering and anti-spam services. While it isn’t necessarily strange to see a security system sold for so much money, it is unusual to see it being advertised on Amazon.



3.01-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Loose Diamond

3.01-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Loose Diamond

If most of us were to have the luxury of going diamond shopping on a Sunday afternoon, chances are, we would want to see a diamond in person before deciding to buy it. However, there are apparently a few folks out there who prefer the convenience of ordering their diamonds online. For almost $250,000, you can get a 3.01-carat yellow diamond delivered right to your door from Leibish & Co. The diamond is fully insured, certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and ships for free.



Bollywood Collection Gown

expensive bollywood gown amazon

Do you need a traditional western Indian bridal gown fast? Don’t worry, Amazon has you covered. The dress, sold by Balaji Emporium, will set you back $15,000. This gold and blue dress is dry-clean only and may require further stitching after purchase, as noted by its sellers.



Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s Ghillie Lace Strappy Dress Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Women's Ghillie Lace Strappy Dress Sandal

These strappy, open-toe black heels go for $1,250 on Amazon. They have leather soles and 4.75-inch heels. The luxurious shoes are imported from Italy, where designer Giuseppe Zanotti was born.



Samsung 46″ LCD Video Wall Display

Samsung 46 LCD amazon expensive

Remember when people could only get television in black and white? Though the simple days of television weren’t that long ago, today it is possible to spend nearly $78,000 on an extremely gorgeous television on Amazon. The Samsung television is 46 inches long and weighs 61.5 pounds. So far, its only reviews on Amazon seem to be jokes about the price.



Astell & Kern AK500N 1TB Full Set

astell kern ak500n amazon expensive

This product is described as a “desktop network audio project.” It includes an AK500N Network Media Player, a power supply, an amp, “limited edition” headphones, and more. It combines advanced digital technology with analog sound. Its seller claims that it achieves perfect noise isolation through battery-only operation.



Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System

Klipsch THX Ultra2 expensive

If you’d like to make the movie theater experience more comfortable and personal, one option is to invest in the Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System for almost $13,000. The system uses the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s commercial theater systems. The seller writes that it will create “the most dramatic and realistic entertainment experiences you’ve ever heard.”



Signed LeBron James Jersey

signed lebron jersey

Memorabilia autographed by celebrities have always fetched a lot of money for those lucky enough to own them. One signed LeBron James NBA jersey from 2003 is currently being sold for almost $182,000 on Amazon. It is stunning that James could pull something out of his laundry basket and sell it for an amount of money that many of us have never seen in one place in our entire lives.



Babe Ruth autographed baseball

amazon expensive babe ruth basebal

Perhaps even more amazing than the ability to find autographed items from today’s celebrities on Amazon is the availability of historically relevant, valuable items signed by beloved and long-gone popular figures. For example, a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth is currently being sold on Amazon for over $118,000. You won’t want to throw this ball around the yard.



Mickey Mantle autographed set of cards

mickey mantle signed card

There’s even more for baseball fans to take delight in on Amazon. At a slightly lower cost than the Babe Ruth baseball, Mickey Mantle fans can get a set of cards autographed by the Rookie himself for $90,900. The cards have been authenticated. Once again, the reviews section on the Amazon page is mostly full of jokes about what the reviewers supposedly sold to be able to pay for the cards.



Swarovski crystal chandelier

swarovski chandelier amazon expensive

Need to brighten up your home? Consider investing in a Swarovski crystal chandelier for $120,510. This hanging light fixture from the Swarovski Empire series is described as “flowing with symmetry, creating a dramatic explosion of brilliance.” Hopefully, you have someone to help you carry it up the stairs, as its shipping weight is 538 pounds.



White Spaces fine art painting

bernard healey art

You can even buy fine art on Amazon. The 1955 painting White Spaces, by Bernard Healey, is currently on sale on Amazon for $20,000. The abstract artwork is signed and painted with acrylic on canvas. Healey is a landscape artist and a founder of the Bay Area Figurative Movement.



Fictitious Parrot dine art painting

parrot dine art expensive

Some of the works of fine art available on Amazon are quite old. Fictitious Parrot, a 1670 lithograph by Nicholas Roberts, is listed on Amazon for $275,000 (plus $45 shipping). The work is a framed watercolor depiction of a parrot. Roberts was a 17th-century natural history artist known for the scientific accuracy and aesthetic beauty of his work.



Vintage bicycle

vintage bike

Sometimes you can’t find the right bicycle at the local flea market or bike shop and you have to hit the internet. One 1960s bicycle has been listed on Amazon for an astonishing $75 million. While it is unlikely that anyone actually expects to sell a bicycle for so much, perhaps the seller is trying to convince someone to part with a little more money than they would have if the bicycle had been listed for a normal amount of money. After all, any price will seem like a steal compared to $75 million.



Vatican: from Peter to Francisco fine art painting

vatican painting amazon expensive

The painting Vatican: from Peter to Francisco is listed on Amazon for a price of $197,500. Artist Anatoly Silov painted it with oil on canvas in 2014. The seller describes it as a portrait of the “five most historically famous popes of the Catholic world.” It features a full-length depiction of the popes standing side-by-side in ceremonial attire.



1974 Topps Football Near Complete Set of Dean’s Cards

1974 Topps Football Near Complete Set

Several sports collectibles have earned their places on this list. Sports fans tend to value their memorabilia extremely highly. One high-priced item is a 1974 collection of NFL football cards, which is listed for over $851,000. The deck contains 269 of 528 possible cards.



YARD Large Inflatable Water Park with Water Slide Tunnel Disco Boat Pool

yard huge inflatable pool expensive

Many of us would have dreamed of owning this item during our childhoods. A fully inflatable water park is listed on Amazon for $18,000. This amazing playset consists of a huge waterslide, a pool, a tunnel, and a disco boat. Though many of us would love to buy this for our kids, we will probably have to settle for bringing them to the public waterpark.



The Mobile Edge Komen Eco-Friendly Laptop Tote

Komen Eco-Friendly Tote

How much would you spend on a tote bag? The Mobile Edge Komen Eco-Friendly Laptop Tote is listed on Amazon for $7,165. It includes a removable computer protection compartment, so it can be used as either a laptop bag or a regular tote bag. The outside portion of the bag is made with canvas and the inside portion is lined with silk. It even has a water bottle compartment and an extra-wide strap for comfort.



Brioni Black Mink Fur Blend with Leather Double-Breasted Coat

briono black mink fur blend

The most expensive coat on Amazon is a mink fur blend double-breasted coat by Brioni. It is full-length, made with 100% silk lining and sells for $25,000. Though the coat is designed for cold weather, most of us probably wouldn’t want to expose such an expensive garment to the elements.



Pokedex Pokemon handheld encyclopedia

Though the Pokemon franchise is making a comeback today with Pokemon Go, it experienced its first heyday decades ago, and many of its products are now considered vintage collectibles. One such product, a gold deluxe Pokedex Pokemon handheld encyclopedia, is listed on Amazon for $50,000. Other, less ambitious sellers, however, have listed the same device for as low as $85.



Precor TRM 835 Commercial Series Treadmill with P30 Console

expensive treadmill amazon

While some of us are content with $10 Planet Fitness memberships, others have more expensive exercise tastes. The most expensive treadmill on Amazon is listed for over $8,400. This treadmill could be a good investment for a professional athlete, as its “Ground Effects Impact Control System” is designed to minimize muscle fatigue and injuries. It has a lifetime warranty and its speed range is 0.5 to 16 miles per hour.



Wascomat W-Series 100G Coin/Card Washers

Wascomat W-Series 100G Coin/Card Washers

Did you ever wonder how much the washing machines at the local laundromat cost? The Wascomat W-Series 100G Coin/Card Washers are listed on Amazon for $15,000 each. While this might be a steep price for a private washing machine, these coin-operated commercial machines earn their owners profits very quickly at well-frequented laundromats.



BarkPark Best in Show 7-Piece Dog Agility Course Set

BarkPark Best in Show 7-Piece DogThose of us who love dogs will be delighted to find out that some very lucky dogs out there get enjoy this luxurious dog agility course set. The set is listed for just over $10,000 and includes seven separate pieces of equipment. Fido will never get bored having so many different things to keep him busy. Most of us will have to continue settling for the dog park.



Howard Miller 622-779 Focal Point Gallery Wall Clock

howard miller wall clock

This gorgeous artisanal clock, listed for $9,900, has a clear acrylic dial, polished-brass weights, a polished-brass pendulum, and nine chrome-plated chime tubes. Designed by Arthur Umanoff Associates, this is the kind of investment that you will keep in the family and cherish forever.



Yamaha N3PE AvantGrand N3 Hybrid Piano

yamaha hybrid piana

You can buy almost any musical instrument you can think of on Amazon. Some of these instruments can get quite expensive. The Yamaha N3PE AvantGrand N3 Hybrid Piano, for example, sells for over $21,000. It features spatial acoustic sampling and a spatial acoustic speaker system. According to its manufacturer, it is “born of the fusion of twenty-first century technology and more than a century of piano-crafting experience.”



This has been but a brief tour of the myriad of highly expensive items listed on Amazon. Though Amazon is frequently known as a place to find steep discounts, many people also use it to sell works of fine art, cherished memorabilia, sophisticated electronics, and other very costly items.