White Elephant parties are becoming one of the funnest parts about the holiday season. There is just nothing like exchanging a bunch of hilarious gifts with your closest friends and family.

Our 2016 White Elephant Gift Idea list was so popular that we decided to do it again in 2017!

In this article, we have gather 22 amazing and hilarious white elephant gift ideas that are all under $20 and are perfect for the 2017 holiday season.

santa go fish card gameSanta Go Fish Card Game

Ho Ho Ho! A great Christmas version of the ever-popular card game, go fish. This is the perfect white elephant gift idea for a family and is made for ages 4 and up. It is also a great gag gift for adults who want to bring a joke gift to the party!


prank candle apple piePrank Candles

These prank candles are a great joke gift by WTF Candles. These candles smell good for the first few hours of burning time but then quickly turn to a very nasty smell. If you want to trick someone at work into using this candle, then you have to get it for your next office white Christmas party gift exchange.


bag of zombie farts gift ideasBag of Zombie Farts

This hilarious white elephant gift will be stolen a ton of times because its really funny.. and who doesn’t love cotton candy? For under $20, this unique gift idea will be the talk of the party at any gift exchange. And for under $10, you aren’t breaking the bank for a really funny gift.


addicted to pot mugAddicted to Pot Mug

What better gift for a white elephant exchange than a joke coffee mug? Everyone loves them and everyone needs them! This joke mug by Got Me Tipsy features a hilarious sign that says ‘addicted to pot’ and the o is a coffee pot. Clever!


stress relief fidget spinner gift ideaAnti-Stress Fidget Spinner

2017 has been the year of the fidget spinner. Whether you want someone to get this at your white elephant party or not, its a great gift exchange product. This fidget spinner features an innovative design that can be used in a number of different ways to relief stress.


trump novelty coin gift 20172017 Trump Novelty Coin

What better way to annoy your friends at a party then bring a Donald Trump coin. This joke coke features the head of President Trump and is silver plated with a Certificate of Authenticity. This gift idea will bring up a great stir at any white elephant party you bring it to.


novelty socks white elephant 2017Novelty Socks

Everyone loves getting socks for the holidays. Why not bring thees super fun 6 pack of novelty socks to the next gift exchange party you go to and see how many people will fight over this hilarious gift. These fun socks are top rated and come in a number of cute animal looking faces.


donald trump toilet paper gift idea 20172017 Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, this toilet paper is one of the best white elephant gift ideas of 2017. For $6, you can get this single roll of Donald Trump toilet paper and whether you decide to use it or not is up to you. Each sheet features Trumps face and there are 250 sheets!


natures dick pic calendar 2018Natures Dick Pics Book

This hilarious novelty calendar features beautiful photos of nature that just so happen to look like dicks. Make your 2018 strong with this gag calendar or pass it on as a funny gift at your next white elephant party. Everyone will want to get their hands on this Dick Pic Book…


lego mug gift idea 2017Lego Builder Coffee Mug

Like I said before, who doesn’t love a good coffee mug? This coffee mug features build-able surface where you can attach and build legos onto your coffee mug! Start your day with some creative inspiration or be the talk of the white elephant exchange. The Legos shown are not included so you may have to steal some of your kids.


ahole parking gift idea white elephantFinny Ahole Parking sign 2017

If you and your co-workers or friends like to give each other grief, then this sign will be the perfect gift exchange item. Its a vinyl decal sticker that says ‘a**hole parking’ and is the perfect gag gift between friends or co-workers.


Pooping Pooches Calendarpooping pooches book

Here is another calendar that will make everyone at the party crack up! The Pooping pooches calendar features 12 great images of dogs doing the dirty business in front of beautiful scenery. This is the perfect gag gift for your holiday party exchange and and either everyone will want it or no one will want it.


unicorn cotton candy fartUnicorn Farts Cotton Candy

If the zombie farts weren’t enough for you.. then maybe you will prefer this kind of fart. The bag of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy is some of the yummiest cotton candy that you will have.. I mean… it comes out of Unicorn butts so it must be good! This is a all time top seller on Amazon and is only $10. What a perfect white elephant gift!


awkward family photos gift ideaAwkward Family Photos

This 2018 calendar is a great white elephant gift because its hilarious and everyone will want it. For only $10, you can buy this great calendar and see some of the most hilarious family photos you will ever see. This calendar will make you cry with tears from laughing so much. Check out the previews of the item to see some hilarious examples of whats inside.


christmas story leg lampHallmark Keepsake Christmas Story Leg

If are the 1% who doesn’t know what this leg is I will help explain it to you. There is this movie called the Christmas Story (it plays on TV all day during the holiday season) and the dad gets this lamp for himself. Its a ugly lamp, but its very nostalgic if you enjoy this movie. People at at gift exchange party will love this one.


eye test flash gift ideas 2017Eye Test Flask

If you are an adult, chances are you like flasks. This flask features a eye test that spells out something really funny. Its a normal 8oz stainless steal flask that even includes a funnel and a cool gift box. Its the absolute perfect white elephant gift exchange gift and is under $20.


bathe and brew gag gift 2017Bathe & Brew Prank Gift

If you are the prankster of your office or family then the Bathe and Brew is right up your alley. This gift box appears to contain crazy products like a coffee shower that will shower you down with coffee in the mornings. It makes for a great gag gift that will make the whole party laugh!


toilet nightlight rainbowlRainBowl Motion Sensor Night Light

While this gift is for toilets, its actually really good idea and a cool gift. The RainBowl is a night light that goes inside your toilet and turns on whenever you enter the room. You can program it to be all sorts of colors and it will help you see where you are going in the bathroom at night.


toilet golf white elephant gift 2017Toilet Golf Course

This gag gift is perfect for any golf lovers or just people who love to laugh! Everyone will want this gift at your next while elephant party. The Toilet Golf Set is a tiny golf hole and putter so you can practice your game while doing your business. It also comes with a do not disturb sign that is really hilarious.


karma pootraKarma Pootra Book

Did you know that there were 52 different mind blowing ways to poop? I didnt either but in this book you can learn all the ways. This is a hilarious gift to pass around at your next white elephant party. It can be great toilet reading for any home.


cute cat socks gift idea3D Cat Socks

If you have ever been to a white elephant or gift exchange party, then you know that people go crazy for cat stuff. These cute little cat socks will be the hit at your party. They come in a number of shapes and sizes… all with different little kittens on there.


what should i make for dinnerWhat the F*@# should I Make for Dinner Book

This hilarious book features the answers to lifes most ask questions between couples and married people… what should we eat for dinner? This book will help you make this terrible decision every day. Its brought to you buy the people who created WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner.com and features 50 great recipes.