Minecraft is one of the most popular games among children and teens. Minecraft is a virtual land where you can build your own worlds and experiences by building with blocks.

The popular game has been described as a game with no rules. It is so popular because it allows you to build with no restrictions.

Although if you are reading this post, it’s likely that you know way too much about Minecraft and you need some good gift ideas for the Minecraft fan in your life.

So I am going to show you some really cool gift ideas for any Minecraft lover… whether its a boy, girl, kids or adults.

lego minecraft set gift ideaLego Minecraft Sets

Lego and Minecraft go hand-in-hand. They are both platforms to build things with square blocks so its obvious that Lego teamed up with Minecraft to make really cool Lego sets. There are hundreds of different Minecraft Lego sets online ranging from $10-$200 dollars.


diary of a minecraft zombie bookDiary of a Minecraft Zombie Book

This best selling book is great for the Minecraft lover who enjoys to read. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Minecraft zombie? This book is a must-read diary of a 12 year old Minecraft Zombie. The book is for kids ages 7+ and is Book 1 of a 3 book series.


minecraft gameMinecraft: The Game

Its likely that your Minecraft fan already has the game but if not, getting the game is the first step in creating a Minecraft gamer. The game is available on pretty much any platform including Mac, PC, Xbox, Playstation and more. You can get some great deals on the game at Amazon.com.


minecraft pickaxe sword gift ideaMinecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

I am sure that you have seen these foam swords all over the place. The kids absolutely love them these days and this one is super special. This transforming sword can change from a sword into a Pickaxe in seconds. Its the perfect addition to any Minecraft collection and your kids will love it.


minecraft creeper beanie gift ideaMinecraft Creeper Face Beanie

Winter is just around the corner and its going to start getting cold out. Get your young one (or adult) this knit beanie with the Minecraft ghost face on it. This is officially license Minecraft hear and comes in 2 different sizes to keep your Minecraft lovers head warm this winter.


minecraft diamond ore gift ideaMinecraft Light Up Diamond Ore

This officially licensed Minecraft collective is sold by ThinkGeek and features a light up Diamond Order light that will fill your room with awesome blue blocks. The size of this box is 3″ x 3″ x 3″ so its perfect for a table or night stand. It has 3 different light levels of low, medium and high. Not to mention that is auto shuts off after 3 minutes to save power.


minecraft tnt mugMinecraft TNT Plastic Mug

Jinx has created this awesome plastic mug that is the shape of a TNT box from Minecraft. It holds up to 8 oz of your favorite beverage and is approximately 5″ x 5″ with a microsave, dishwasher safe and BPA free design. Your Minecraft fan will love this classic gift idea.


minecraft stickers gift iddeaMinecraft Stickers

What kid doesn’t love some good stickers? This Minecraft sticker set comes with over 295 colorful Minecraft stickers, ready to be stuck everywhere. These stickers make for great party favors, reward charts and more. For under $6, you can’t go wrong with these cool Minecraft stickers.


minecraft collectors caseMineCraft Figure Collector Case

Does your Minecraft fan collect mini Minecraft Figures but they are skewed all over the house? With this Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case, you can safely store all your Minecraft collectibles. The case even opens up to a landscape where you can play with the figures.


minecraft wrist game bandMinecraft Gameband

Now your Minecraft lover can play Minecraft anywhere and anytime. The Minecraft Gameband allows you to backup your entire Minecraft game onto your wrist. Plug it in to any computer wherever you go and pick up where you left off your last game. It even shows the time and other cool game-related information on the digital interface.


minecraft animal figures gift ideaMinecraft Animal Figures

If you purchaed the Minecraft Figures Case then why not buy some more Figures to go in the case? These Minecraft Animal Figures (6 pack) feature a pixelated design if chickens, ocelot, tame wolf, pig, sheep and a cow. These figures are perfect for any Mincraft fan and are officially license.


minecraft pajamas gift ideaMinecraft Pajamas

These cute pajamas feature some of the most popular Minecraft characters on the shirt and pants. They are 100% polyester and are super soft and comfy so your Minecraft fan can sleep all night and dream about Minecraft. It ranges from $22-$26 depending on the size you choose but these are perfect for young ones.


minecraft flying ghastMinecraft Flying RC Ghast

This toy was recently featured as Toy of the Year and its a really cool drone style RC flyer that is shaped like a popular Minecraft characters, Ghast. It can move forward, backward, left, right, up and down. If you really want to surprise your Minecraft fan, this is the perfect gift.


minecraft wall charger gift ideaMinecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger

If your Minecraft fanatic is old enough to have a device that needs a charger… then they would love this Redstone Tourch USB Wall Charger by ThinkGeek. It lights up a orange LED at the top of the torch when in charging mode. You can also turn off the light if you wish, while you charge 2 different devices in the double USB sockets.


minecraft bow and arrow giftMinecraft Enchanted Bow & Arrow

This pink bow & arrow is perfect for a girl Minecraft fan but sometimes even the boys want this one. Why? Because it shoots arrows!! This life size Enchanted Minecraft Bow & Arrow features the pixelated style with real functionality for shooting the arrow. Minecraft cosplayers will love this.


minecraft bed sheetsMinecraft Bedding Sheets

While your little one is dreaming of Minecraft, they can be nuzzled into some really cool Minecraft Sheets. These sheets feature pixelated throw blanket, down sheets and a really cool pillow that all feature Minecraft licensed images. The bedding can be purchased in a number of sizes.


huge minecraft lego ste717 Piece Minecraft Lego Set

If you have the ultimate Minecraft fan, then they deserve the ultimate Minecraft Lego set. This will keep them entertained for weeks while they build this over 700 piece Lego set. The set even includes some Minecraft Figures and 3 alternative model configurations.


minecraft potion bottle gift ideaMinecraft Potion Bottle

Another really great gift idea is the Potion Bottle by ThinkGeek. This potion bottle lights up and changes color when you tap the top of it. It is about 7 inches tall which makes it perfect for a night stand lite or desk addition. This potion bottle is official licensed Minecraft merchandise.


minecraft plush cowMinecraft Baby Cow Plush

A soft plush baby cow is the perfect snuggling toy for your Minecraft fanatic. There are a number of these plush toys available including a baby pig and a baby sheep. The plush toy is about 5 inches tall and is currently 50% off.


minecraft backpack gift ideaMinecraft Diamond Kids Backpack

This super cool backpack will be the talk of the lunchroom. Any Minecraft fan would love this Diamond Kids Blue backpack by Jinx. Its a full sized backpack constricted from durable 100% polyester and features a ton of great pockets.


minecraft creeper hoodieMinecraft Creepers Big Boy Hoodie

This masked hoodie features a Creeper face with a full zip up hoodie and mesh over the eyes and mount for seeing and breathing. The hoodie features a green diamond pixelated design and is for older kids who love to play Minecraft.


minecraft torch giftLight-up Minecraft Wall Torch

Here is one of the coolest Minecraft gift ideas for this years holidays. The ThinkGeek light up Minecraft Wall Torch will keep your kids entertained for hours. Its also a great collectible for older Minecraft fans. It can hang on your wall, sit on a table or be carried around as a night light.