Are you stuck for Secret Santa gift ideas? Finding awesome gifts for your Secret Santa is a breeze with the extensive list below. We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to find you great Secret Santa Gifts to ensure that whoever gets your gift has something to smile about for months to come.

If you are looking for awesome White Elephant Gift Ideas, we have some great gag gifts that will make your party laugh!

infusion water bottleInfusion Water Bottle by Savvy

Sure to be a much-used Secret Santa gift, the recipient of this gift simply needs to add fresh or frozen fruit and herb, along with still or sparkling water, to create their own thirst-quenching detox water and iced tea.


bring me wine socksLuxury “Bring Me Some Wine” Novelty Socks

The sole, of these comfy socks read ‘If you can read this, bring me some wine” meaning that when the wearer puts their feet up, they are in need of relaxation. This is the
perfect Secret Santa gift for any wine-lover.


burts bees gift set ideaBurts Bees Beauty Gift Set

This set of five travel-size products would make a much appreciated Secret Santa gift for anyone who plans to travel over the holiday season Containing a deep cleansing cream, a hand solve body lotion, foot deans and lip balm, your Secret Santa hell love you forever if you get them this.


drunk stoned stupid gameDrunk, Stoned or Stupid Game

Best played among a group of friend, each card contains a prompt such as ‘Lose their pants’, or ‘Risk like to take selfie’. You pick a card, read It aloud and decide which player should be tagged with it and the player with the most cards loses!


tequila mockingbird book gift ideaTequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

This film-packed book contains cocktails with a literary twist. They are sure to go down a storm this holiday season.


worst secret sanda shirt giftWorst Secret Santa Gift 2017 T-Shirt

This hilarious black Christmas T-shirt simply reads “Worst Secret Santa Gift 2017” In bold white writing. If wee Secret Santa recipient has a droll sense of humor, they’ll love it!


secret santa hot hunksSecret Santa’s Hot Hunks Dot To Dot

Perfect for anyone who loves hot hunks, this epic dot to dot book will really get the party started this Christmas.


tioilet mug gift ideaBigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

What better gift for someone with a great sense of humor than a mug shaped like a toilet? It even has a cistern! It’s Ideal for any coffee or tea lover who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.


adult madlibsOffice Mad Libs by Someecards

If you know someone at work who loves to slack off, they’ll appreciate these ‘Let’s get nothing done at work together cards’. Containing 21 stories about office life, this is
one of the best gifts for a coworker.


buddha nightlight secret santa giftBuddha Calming Night Light

This Buddha-shaped night light Is see-through during the day but comes alive at night with seven colors. You can even set it to a different color for each day of the week.


Kids Led Gloves by HITOPkids led gloves idea

Although technically for kids most adults would find these flashing colorful LED gloves quite a lot of fun as well! These quirky glues feature LEDs in the white finger portions.


money soapMoney Soap

It Clean It Brings Wealth! There Is real money, from $1 to $5 in every bar of this green soap. Each 5 oz. bar contains either a $1, $5, $10, $20 or even a $50 note. There is literally no-one alive who wouldn’t appreciate this quirky Secret Santa gift.


magnetic wristbandMagnetic Wristband

These novel wristbands will make a great gift if your redolent loves home improvement! Strong magnets hold screws, nails or drill bits.


bluetooth beanieXikexan unisex Bluetooth Beanie

This ‘canter knit hat contains a Bluetooth speaker that can conned to any bluetooth device In seconds. It’s great for listening to music on the go!


essential oil diffuserEssential oil diffuser bracelet

This shadow steel aromatherapy bracelet contains eight different pads. These washable and reusable pads can be Infused with any aromatherapy oil so you can change to your favorite scent every day. These essential oil diffusers are perfect for on the go.


cat novelty sock gift ideasCute Cat novelty socks

This set of five pairs of women’s socks look just like adorable, cute cats! A great novelty gift for your Secret Santa this year.


bag of reindeer farts cotton candyBag of Reindeer farts Cotton Candy

This funny and unique Secret Santa gift will bring a smile to anyone’s face this holiday season. From the makers of ‘Bag of Unicorn Farts’, these cotton candy treats are peppermint flavored. Best of all, toe of all profits go to charities that provide tow for children in need this Christmas.


star night light projectorLED Star Projector Night Light

This amazing light projector is perfect for any kids bedroom but is equally fascinating for adults. With the press of a button, it creates an incredible light display on any ceiling.


i flexed t shirt gift ideaI Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off Tank Lop

This hilarious tank top is the perfect Secret Santa gift for any gym at or body conscious recipient.


coffee warmer gift ideaMr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Perfect for the office or home use, this plugin tray helps to keep mugs of coffee warm for hour, A great gift for any coffee or tea lover that is sure to see plenty of use over the holiday season.


good day bad day glass gift ideaGood Day, Bad Day rocks glass

This hilarious 11 oz. rocks glass is permanently etched with the words ‘What Day?’ at the top. The lower fill line is for a good day, while a higher line is for those bad days.