There are tons of wine gifts out there in 2016 but we have filtered through all the junk to come up with these 21 great gift ideas for wine lovers.

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, housewarming gift or just for fun, giving these wino gifts to the wine lover in your life will get the thanks you desire!

So grab a bottle of wine, sit back, and read some great gifts to give that huge wino in your life!

BigMouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

bigmouth ultimate wine bottle glass

The BigMouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass is the last and only wine glass you’ll ever need.

This gift is great for any wino that can’t have a glass of wine without downing the whole bottle. The Ultimate Win Bottle Glass eliminates the hassle of having to keep filling up your wine glass.

At $18, this is the #1 Best Seller in the Wine Glasses section on Amazon and would be a great gift to give someone who loves wine.



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