Fidget Spinners have been a growing craze among young kids and adults. The satisfying feeling of spinning things in your hands is what we humans really enjoy… As well as peeling plastic of new phones, pegs that fit perfectly into holes and power washing dirty pavement.

But there are plenty of other satisfying products that can give you that same feeling like when you are spinning a fidget spinner. We wanted to build an amazing gift idea list of some of the coolest alternatives to fidget spinners. Whether you are a fidget-er or you know a fidget-er in your life, these 20 satisfying products will leave you relaxed and satisfied.

Here are 20 products that are more satisfying than a Fidget Spinner:

Fidget Phone Case

This spinner connect to the back of your phone case and allows for satisfying and smooth functional spinning of your phone or the ring itself.


bubble wrap phone caseBubble Wrap Phone Case

We all love to pop a bunch of bubble wrap every once in a while. This creative phone case allows you to get that same satisfying feeling of exploding air bubbles, right on your phone!


wefidget gift ideaStress Pad Fidgeter

The WeFidget stress pad is a new generation stress toy that kind of resembles a Playstation controller. This two handed fidgeter has 8 different fidget relieving functions which will leave you super satisfied.


mini zen artist boardMini Zen Artist Board

Painting can be a huge stress reliever. That is why Zen Life invented this mini Zen Artist Board, that allows you to paint gorgeous water color paintings on this travel sized art board. So go zen and check out this satisfying watercolor board.


yuck e balls gift ideaYuck-E-Balls

These may look like normal stress balls… but they arent! Yuck-E-Balls contain a gel filling with small balls that provide a tactical feedback which is perfect for squeezing, throwing, tossing or juggling.


executive sandboxMini Zen Sandbox

Do you ever just wish you could escape to the beach while you are stuck in the office at work? With the Executive sandbox, now you can enjoy sand castles, beach chairs and sand… right at your desk!


fidget penThink Ink Magnet Stylus

Think Ink has invented one of the coolest styluses there is out there. This magnet powered stylus/pen/fidget toy is perfect for the stressed out fidgeter who needs some extra satisfaction. Check out all the amaze things you can do with this stylist.


magnetic ball fidgetersMagnetic Ball Sculpture

This toy is great for intelligence development and of course, stress relief. These 216 tiny little magnet balls can be joined and shaped to make tons of cool shapes, designs and puzzles. it is also great for decoration/paper weight on a work desk.


fidget toy gift ideaFidget Toy by Tangle Jr.

Does your child have ADD or do they love to fidget all the time? These Fidget toys are perfect for focus and sensory development in children. Twist, turn, pop, pull and love these odly satisfying fidget toys.


think ink gift idea penFidget Pen

This is not any ordinary pen. The fidget pen by ELValley is perfect for anyone who is constantly fidgeting with their pen, chewing on them or just playing annoying you. Get them this fidget pen and increase their productivity and satisfaction.


theraputtyAdult Exercise Putty

Do you ever find yourself playing with your kids silly putty and getting satisfaction from it? TheraPutty has put this idea into a product that is great for hand muscles, motor skills and decreasing stress.


tegu pocket blocks gift ideaTegu Picket Pouch Wooden Block Set

If your children like to build on the go, then this gift is a great idea. These small wooden blocks make play time great on a plane, in a car or even at the restaurant. If you want to keep your kids busy for 15 minutes, check these out.


hindge fidget toy gift ideaFat Brain Ivan’s Hinge

Fold it, Loop it, Twist it and try to figure it this brainteaster that you wont be able to set down. The Ivan’s Hinge is a brain busting toy for ages 8 and up that includes 56 challenge cards that make you recreate certain designs.


snowcinda fidget toysPeapod Squeeze-a-Bean

This is a ingenious idea by SnowCinda that features small little peapods that have little beans you can squeeze out. If you have ever had edamame or soy-beans then you know just how awesome this little key chain can be.


stability cushion gift ideaWobble Cushion with Pump

Having good balance can make you feel like a whole new person. This inflatable stabilitty wobble cushion can increase core stability, muscle ton, and even balance! It even comes in a dozen different fun colors.


do fly spinner sticksWooden Fidget Stick

Dofly has went a step further when it comes to spinners. This fidget stick can help hand-eye coordination, relieve stress and is even good for people of all ages. There are even some cool tricks you can do with it!


fidget ring spinnerSpinner Ring

Does your girlfriend love fidget spinners? This fidget ring is perfect for any lady (or guys if you really want) who likes fashion and fidgeting. The fidget ring has an inner brand that can be spun for reduced stress.


boucny bands chair ideaBouncy Bands

Do you ever get bad looks for shaking your leg or knees so much while at a desk? The Bouncy Bands support pipes for chairs are perfect for the feet bouncer in your life. This pipe prevents the chair from moving and making noise.


flippy chain fidget toy gift ideaFlippy Chain

This cool fidget toy is perfect for anyone with ADHD, anxiety and autism. This silent fidget toy is handcrafted in the USA and provides hours of entertainment and stress relieving for anyone in your life.


There you have it! 20 great alternatives to the boring fidget spinner. These gift ideas are great for the fidget fan in your life. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our newsletter so you can get the best gift ideas every day!