41% of people in the world like cats. That may not be as much as dog lovers, but cat lovers are passionate and patient.

Getting a gift for someone who enjoys felines may seem like a near impossible task. They probably already have every single cat toy ever made.. but we wanted to compile a list of gift ideas for the cat lover themselves. These 20 gift ideas for cat lovers are kitty theme gifts that are great for the owner!

Cat Butt Magnets

cat butt magnets gift idea

What does a cat lady need more than cat food? Magnets! These cute little Cat Butt Magnets are a great gift idea for any cat lover. For just $15, you get 6 different magnets, each with its own breed of cat.

They are made of Phthalate-free vinyl and are enjoyable for all ages. If you are looking for a cheap and fun gift for a cat lover, then these cat butt magnets are perfect.



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