Buying for 9-year-old young ladies is fun since the things they most want are cute, usually colorful, and appealing. The manufacturers of gifts for this age gal are experts at producing items that are difficult to resist.

mermaid blanket

Mermaid Blanket

So many little girls want the “Mermaid Blanket” that knitter machines across the globe must be working 24-hours a day. These cute little cover-ups fit girls from ages 3 to 10 (making it perfect for 9 year olds), measure 55.12″ X 27.56 and come in myriad color choices. When a child slips into the blanket, she looks like a real mermaid. The cuddly tail is a great warmer for cold winter nights. The blankets can be used for sleep-overs, while watching TV, while traveling in the car, and for an extra cover in the bed.


studio fantastic paint spinner gift idea

Alex Toys Artist Studio Fantastic Spinner

Girls this age are often big fans of arts and crafts which must be why there are dozens of art-centered items available for them. Believe it or not “spin art” is still popular with today’s kids. On the Alex Brands website, the Alex Toys Artist Studio Fantastic Spinner can be purchased for $31.99. The spinner won the Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award and the Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award. The idea is to make art by squeezing the handle and spinning the paper inside the spinning machine. When the paint is dripped in the center of the spinner, it splashes in all directions, making beautiful patterns and designs. No batteries are necessary, and the spinner comes with four bottles of paint, blank paper cards, colored cards, and a splash guard.


kids fashion studio gift ideaCreativity for Kids Fashion Studio

Fashion is a favorite for girls of all ages, but for girls aged nine, there are several different types of fashion design sets they love to use to become pretend fashionistas. One of the most popular is the Creativity for Kids Fashion Studio. The set is priced at $35.99 and can be found on the CreativityforKids site. It includes fabrics, accessories, a manikin, sewing tools, a sketch book, trims, ribbons, and other embellishments. In all, the set includes over 50 pieces. Girls who are dreaming of becoming fashion designers will spend hours creating their own stylish prototypes and using their design tools and materials to produce many fashion favorites for their portfolios.


kids invention mansionInvention Mansion

Education experts have been encouraging the teaching of what is called the S.T.E.A.M curriculum. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, and has been adopted in US schools so that young ones can be immersed in these subject areas that are so important currently. A great gift that supports the STEAM methodology, and is interesting to girls, are the Goldie Blox construction kits, the coolest of which is the Invention Mansion. The goal of these toys is to introduce open-ended, exploratory play that teaches the fundamentals of construction and engineering. The mansion set is $59.99 on the GoldieBlox website, has over 350 pieces, including two small figures, and construction pieces. The mansion’s accessories incorporate a zip line, a trap door, bridges, levers, and linkages. This set is the classic dollhouse redesigned for the 21st century.


9 year old journal gift idaeMattel’s My Password Journal

Once a girl reaches 9-years-old, she is ready for a diary, even if she doesn’t know yet that it is something she will totally enjoy. Most diaries today have special features that go way beyond the lock and key that was so popular in the 50s and 60s. ┬áThe most modern version is Mattel’s My Password Journal which gives prompts for writing ideas, records anyone who tries to get inside it, opens to the voice of the owner, and allows the writer to create 10 personal prompts. It also includes an invisible ink pen and a black light to read what is written. And for secret items, there is a hidden compartment.


agua singing machine gift ideaSinging Machine Classic Agua Karaoke System

Maybe your young gift recipient likes to sing. Most 9-year-old girls love to show off their vocal skills. And they usually are not shy about singing all their favorite songs to anyone who will listen. This means that getting a karaoke of her very own will probably thrill her. The ToysRUs site sells the Singing Machine Classic Agua Karaoke System for $79.99. Its features include a dancing water fountain, multicolored LED lights, song lyrics display, and even more effects to make this sing-along device her favorite gift of the season.



Big-Daddy Jewelry Making KitFriends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

Girls who are 9 years old usually have a large group of best friends. They also think sleeping over is the most fun ever. So a present that could be a “spend-the-night” activity for her and her friends would be ideal. The FatBrainToys website has just the gift for this kind of occasion. It is a Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit. For $22.95, the kit offers a large selection of weaving floss and four looms, so everyone can be creating at the same time. Potentially, 22 bracelets can be made from the materials in the convenient, latched, carrying case that is a work of art itself. The resulting bracelets will have eight different patterns.


web riderz swing spin gift ideaWeb Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin

Children of all ages would be excited to get the Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin but a 9-year-old girl and her friends would be the perfect candidates for this super, active-play, outdoor piece of equipment. At 39″ in diameter and with the capability of holding 600 pounds at one time, several kids could spin and swing together at one time. Offered by M & M Enterprises, the swing is priced at $84.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.


draw 500 faces gift ideaDrawing Set

For girls who love to draw, the age-appropriate set of books Draw 500 Faces and Features, Draw 500 Awesome Animals, and Draw 500 Things from Nature can be bought on Amazon as a set for $33.12. Cara Bean is the author and a cartoonist. Her books are just right for “tweens” because they are slightly challenging but very humorous. This gift will have any nine-year-old occupied for hours at a time.


gummy bear chair gift idea 9 year oldThumbs Up Inflatable Gummy Chair and Pump

9-year-old girls love Gummy Bears so they are very likely to go crazy for an inflatable Gummy Bear chair of their very own. Yes, there is a Thumbs Up Inflatable Gummy Chair and Pump on eBay, selling for $39.99. With a four-star rating, the chair is easy to inflate, comes with a foot pump, and can seat adults as well as children. The Gummy Bear chair is red.


hatchimal gift idea for girlsHatchimal

One of the hottest toys of 2017 is the Hatchimal. This hatching toy comes in an egg, and after a few days of care, the egg opens and a surprise colorful, stuffed baby animal pecks through the egg. Then the child goes through the steps of “nurturing” the animal.


stop motion animaton kitThe Stop Motion Animation Kit

What self-respecting nine-year-old would not like to make her own animated stories? The Stop Motion Animation Kit is as popular this year as it has been for the past few years. The set gives kids their first opportunity to create stop-motion films. It includes flexible and multi-use body parts, as well as an easy-to-use stop-motion camera on a flexible stand. In all, the set has 101 pieces. Every budding movie maker needs one of these.


power wheels wild thing gift ideaPower Wheels Wild Thing

Again, Toys R Us comes through with a much in-demand gift for the 9-year-old girl in your life. It is called the Power Wheels Wild Thing and is a 12-volt battery-powered riding vehicle that is black and trimmed in pink. The device has dual joysticks and travels at speeds up to 5 mph. The vehicle can be used off-the-road or on and spins in a very cool manner. It has a built-in stability sensor to avoid turnovers along with large, durable tires.


spirograph draw set for girlsSpirograph

Another toy from the past that has resurged to entertain kids today is the Spirograph. First introduced in 1965, modern kids still find the making of the intricate designs mesmerizing as they spin the gears around the numerous wheels. For a mere $25, and with a 4.5 rating by customers, you can have your child of choice drawing beautiful, artistic designs and pictures by using tools from the carry-along storage case. A 14-page design guide is included. Spirograph can be purchased on the Walmart website.


gear vr gift ideaSamsung Gear VR R233

Doesn’t everyone of every age want a VR Headset this year? Well, nine-year-old girls certainly want one. ┬áThe Samsung Gear VR R233 powered by Oculus is $59.95 and can be found on the Walmart website. By placing an android or an iPhone into the set, your girl can be transported to amazing places in games, video, and images. It is lightweight and has a wide field of view, along with an easy-to-use touchpad.


funny pie face gameFunny Pie Face Game

One of the best-selling games of the year has been the ridiculously funny Pie Face. The game sells for $19 and will have the entire family laughing uproariously. The process is simple, once you slip your face through the mask that comes with the game, there is a possibility that you will get a face full of whipped cream pie. You can buy it on Amazon.


ido-3d vertical art gift ideaIDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set

The IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set is one iteration of the much talked-about 3d pen trend. This version is priced at $28 and allows your recipient to draw 3d creations. Kids can make professional designs using the guidebook that comes with the pen. Purchase it on the Kohl’s website.


girl scouts canopy for girlsSecret Garden Hideaway Canopy

Another no-fail gift for 9-year-old girls is’s Secret Garden Hideaway Canopy. Girls like to cuddle up in a tent-like cocoon and this cover is also beautiful. It can hang over a bed, over a play space, outdoors, or anywhere your girl would like to read, nap, or play. The canopy is decorated with flowers, ribbons, and comes with hardware for hanging.


girlscouts easy bake ovenGirl Scouts Easy Bake Oven

And what tween girl would not like to have a Girl Scouts Easy Bake Oven. For $50, your girl can safely make and bake cookies that taste like real Girl Scout cookies. Bakers can see the cookies baking and can manipulate the cookies using a kid-controllable slide station. The oven comes with cookie mixes, spatula, baking pan, and a measuring tool. You’ll be the hero of all heroes if you get this wonderful oven for your 9-year-old. Find it on the Walmart website.



Take advantage of the joy of seeing your 9-year old’s eyes sparkle this holiday season knowing that before long, she will be wishing for very different presents, like, for example, real jewelry and a real car. Time, when it is childhood related, really does fly.