gift ideas for dog lovers

Shopping for gifts is daunting. It’s hard to know what to get a friend or family member. However, if you have a dog lover in your life, gift shopping just got much easier.

Here are 10 gift ideas for the dog lover in your life:


bark box gift idea

BarkBox is a monthly subscription that contains a combination of four to five treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products. Each month’s box contains items from high-quality vendors that use top ingredients in their treats. BarkBox is available with options such as heavy chewer, allergy friendly, extra toy, and extra treat. You can sign up for one, three, or six months, or one year.

Bad Dog Wisdom Mugs

bad dog wisdom mugs gift ideas

These illustrated, ceramic mugs have images of Fido teaching dog owners a few new tricks. The mugs are decorated in Minnesota and are available through Uncommon Goods. If your friend isn’t into coffee, they are also available as tumblers, coasters, and pillows.

Real Dogs Wine

real dogs wine gift idea

Does your dog-loving friend also love wine? Real Dogs Wine is a natural wine, but that isn’t the only thing that makes it great. They also let you customize the label to depict your friend’s dog, with special custom caption as well which makes for a fun customized gift idea. If that isn’t enough reason to buy one, they also donate 10 percent of the proceeds to rescue groups. This wine is available through A Dog’s Life.

Dog Scarf

dog scarf gift idea dogs

Scarves are definitely a fall and winter must-have, so why not give your friend one with a dog print? Scarves with animal images printed on them have become quite popular. This means that it should be as easy as doing a quick Internet search to find the ideal scarf. In the Company of Dogs has a scarf with paw prints on it which is the perfect gift idea for any animal lover.

Doggy Photo Phone Case

dog phone case cover gift

If your friend is obsessed with dogs, odds are they would love to have one printed on their phone case. If you have a picture of their furry friend, you can create a customized phone case they will be sure to love. With Shutterfly, all you have to do is upload the picture, select the phone case to match your friend’s phone, and you’re done.

Dog-Themed Jewelry

gift idea dog themed jewelery

Buying your friend a ring or a necklace that has their favorite breed or a cute saying about dogs could be the perfect gift idea. Some jewelry pieces available can be customized to include a picture or a paw print from the dog they love. If dog-themed jewelry is the way you want to go, try searching Amazon to get some ideas.

Underwater Dogs Book

underwater dog book gift

This book is a 144-page photo collection from award-winning photographer and a New York Times best-selling author Seth Casteel. Dogs leap into the water after a ball and Casteel catches it all from underwater. Beneath the water’s surface, there is a dance of teeth, bubbles, and paws. From large dogs to small dogs, this book has them all.

Dog Puzzle Toys

dog puzzle gift idea

Pet owners are always looking for the perfect toy for their pet. This year, consider buying them a puzzle toy. There are many such toys available at your local pet store and they make great gift ideas. Puzzle toys hold the dog’s attention with treats that usually are hidden or locked inside. Any style of puzzle toy requires the dog to work for a treat, which can keep not only the dog, but the owner entertained for hours.

Recycled Newspaper Dogs

recycled newspaper dogs gift idea

Perhaps your friend loves dogs, but lacks the space to have one of their own. These dogs, handmade from old newspapers, come in two styles and are sure to brighten up any dog lover’s decor. They are available through Viveterra.

101 Dog Tricks

101 dog tricks book

This paperback book is filled with dozens of tricks for your friend to teach their dog. Not only does this book have fun tricks, but it also includes training tips and tricks to help build on what the dog already knows.

Shopping for the dog lover in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. There is an abundance of fun, dog-related gifts and accessories that will steal their hearts. However, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to do something special for their pup. With careful thought and a few gift ideas to get you started, you are sure to find something they will love.